Gay pride: it’s important …

Hi, friends and readers:

I just returned from the Gay Pride Festival in St. Petersburg, and I feel invigorated. (Okay, I drank five beers and that may have something to do with my mood.)

Everyone at the festival was in  good spirits. All ages were represented: old guys like me and beautiful twinkies with their shirts off. A true mix of people.

I went with my neighbor and good friend and we had a great time. We visited two bars. People were dancing and cruising and enjoying themselves. Yeah, the day was very warm but if you stood in the shade it wasn’t too bad. I’m so glad I went. I think it’s important for us GLBTQ folks to gather and offer support to one another. Sometime it’s so easy to forget there are so many of us.

When I receive comments from lonely gay boys — wrestlers, skateboarders, surfers and BMXers — I wish I could take them by the hand and let them experience a Gay Pride event. Really, it can change the way you feel about yourself. You think, “Hey, I’m not alone and I’m not weird. In fact, I’m feeling quite … normal.”

I’m warming dinner up in the oven and I’ll spend a quiet night at home, I think. Right now I am sipping from a bottle of Savignon blanc and enjoying the air conditioning.

Enjoy your Saturday night, everyone.

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