Gay surfer speaks up; blog’s staying busy …

Hi, friends and readers:

I woke this morning to find a comment from Devin, a surfer in Orange County, California, age 17. He said, “Why does the surfing community have to be so hostile toward gay dudes who surf? I don’t get it. I surf just as well as the other dudes in my crew. I go to all the parties, we hang out, go to movies and concerts. I am totally accepted, but only because I haven’t told them I am gay. If I did I’d get branded a ‘faggot’ and I’d be totally rejected. I think the whole situation sucks. I’m a decent person, a pretty cool guy, in fact. I just happen to like guys instead of women. Does that mean I’m not worthy? That I don’t belong on a surfboard? Why does it have to be this way?”

I wish I had an answer, Devin. You should at least join this website:

Let’s see, it’s Wednesday and I’m up early, ready to write all morning, then I’ll hit the YMCA in the afternoon for a workout and lap-swimming. Tonight I’ll hang with my buds in the city and we’ll dine out someplace. I always enjoy Wednesdays.

This blog experienced another heavy traffic day yesterday. The posts on gay skateboarders continue to be the most popular.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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