Hot guy putting his shirt on; it’s raining on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like the photo I’ve posted here this evening? I do. The guy’s pretty hot, but I wish he’d been photographed with his shirt completely off. Oh, well … it’s still a nice photo.

Charcoal-colored clouds are rolling over my island this evening and rain is clattering in puddles on the street. I like it; the rain cools things off ¬†and makes everything smell fresh. At this time of year I wouldn’t mind if it rained every day.

I had a great workout at the YMCA, but when I arrived home I found disappointment in my mailbox. I had written to a NYC literary agent about representing me in the sale of my latest novel, and today I received a form rejection slip from the agent, enclosed in the SASE I provided her about a month ago. (G-r-r-r-r …)

By now I know I can’t get discouraged when these things happen. Rejection slips are part of writing fiction. Even seasoned authors receive them all the time. The publishing market’s so very tight right now. I’ll just send a letter to another agent I’ve already picked out, and maybe next time I’ll get a better response.

Okay, I’m off to the city to drink beer with my friends and have dinner out. Enjoy your Wednesday night, everyone.

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