Hot guy in the shower; Martin’s sold another story …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like this morning’s photo post as much as I do? Would you like to scrub his back for him? His butt is quite … outstanding, isn’t it?

I’m up early this morning with lots to do. Last night one of my favorite editors notified me he’d accepted a story I wrote and submitted back in August, while I was staying with a friend in Berlin. It’s shorter than most stories I write — less than 4,000 words —┬ábut I think it’s pretty good. I imagine the anthology, to be published by Cleis Press, will likely hit the market in November or December 2010. I’ll let everyone know when it does.

It’s another beautiful fall day in west central Florida — cool, sunny and dry. Just perfect. After I get my writing work done this morning, my boyfriend and I plan a nice long walk on the beach. What could be better?

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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