Martin’s new novel, “De Narvaez” releases today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Are you starved for new fiction from Martin? I know it’s been a while — eight months, in fact — since I released a novel. (The last was Love Quest, in January 2010.)

Today, Eternal Press has released my novel, De Narvaez. Here’s the book blurb:

After an eighteen year absence, Dallas Tench, a thirty-six year old gay man, returns to his Florida hometown of De Narvaez, population ten thousand, to oversee administration of his late father’s estate. When Dallas encounters his former high school friend and lover, DeWayne Hobgood, the two men renew their relationship. Dallas is smitten, DeWayne is too, but there’s a problem: DeWayne’s married to a woman named Taylor. And DeWayne has two teenage children from a prior marriage. Will Dallas settle for a part-time, hidden relationship with DeWayne in De Narvaez? Or will DeWayne leave Taylor and follow Dallas back to San Francisco?

This book is a little different from my last two novels, Love Quest and Maui. It’s more literary and focuses on setting as much as the characters and the plot. In fact, you could say the setting is a character in the book. I hope you’ll buy yourself a copy and take your time reading it. I worked very hard to make this book something that will reverberate in your head long after you’ve finished it.

Here’s where you can buy De Narvaez:

I mentioned this yesterday, but let me do so again. Eternal Press is hosting a “launch day party” today on their website. Authors of new Eternal Press novels will enter the chat room at designated times to discuss their new books and answer a few questions. My time slot is 6:30 PM EDST today. To attend the party,  simply go here: . Choose a username, anything will do, then click the “login” button and you’re in the chat room. Don’t be shy. Come to the party.

It’s another beautiful day here on the island. The temperature’s around 75 degrees, it’s sunny and dry and breezy. How lucky I am to live here. I’ll be pretty busy today, with my work-in-progress and getting ready for the EP launch party, but sometime today I’ll take a walk on the beach. It’s too nice to stay inside all day.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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