Naked boy in a field; nice review on “Boys Who Love Men” …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like this morning’s photo post? There’s something liberating about getting naked in the great outdoors, isn’t there? Feeling the breeze and sunshine on your skin gives you a sense of freedom. Especially if a few friends are joining you in their birthday suits.

Last night was a fine evening. My boyfriend and I hosted a friend for dinner. We walked to the beach for sunset, then returned to the house. We shared a bottle of wine while I grilled cheeseburgers, then we killed another bottle during dinner. It was so relaxing. Afterward, my boyfriend and I visited our favorite bench on the Intracoastal Waterway, to enjoy the wonderful fall weather and moonlight reflecting off the water. Just perfect.

My recently published anthology, Boys Who Love Men, received a very nice review from the Literary Nymphs review site. The reviewer said, among other things:

“Boys Who Love Men has three sweetly satisfying stories of young love that were very enjoyable to read. The language and imagery created idyllic worlds, where you are free to follow your every heart’s desires so long as you are strong enough to reach out for what you really want.”

Here’s a link to the entire review:

I have a busy day ahead: writing, YMCA, more writing, and correspondence to attend to. It’s another beautiful day outside and I’m tempted to walk on the beach, but no. Get to work, Martin!

Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

One thought on “Naked boy in a field; nice review on “Boys Who Love Men” …

  1. I love this photo today of the cute sexy guy. I love being naked outdoors as well. I feel so free especially when I am with my special friend. I like the great review too. Great job!

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