Sexy Francisco Lachowski; time to watch football …

Hi, friends and readers:

Question: Who’s sexier than Brazilian fashion model, Francisco Lachowski? (He’s pictured at left.)

Answer: Nobody, other than my beautiful boyfriend.

I post photos of Lachowski quite often. I came across this one and decided I’d put it up since he’s only wearing the scantiest of briefs. If he were my boyfriend, that’s all he’d wear at home.

Now, I’m not a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, despite the fact I’m Floridian. But whatever your favorite teams are, this will be a great weekend for watching games on TV.

My boyfriend’s in Pasadena, CA to watch the Rose Bowl. His school, University of Wisconsin, is playing there. I’ll be watching here at home. There are several other bowl games on, as well.

Tomorrow there are several important NFL games that will determine whether certain teams will make the playoffs. I’m hoping the Green Bay Packers make it. They play Chicago at Lambeau Field.

So, it’s time to get the beer cold, time to bring out the chips and salsa. Get that BBQ grill fired up and sizzle the burgers. It’s a football weekend, folks! Enjoy your Saturday and, Happy New Year.

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