Sexy boy showering outdoors; nice comment from gay skateboarder; Martin’s feeling better, finally …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah, the joy of showering outdoors on a warm sunny day, after a nice swim in the Gulf. Everyone like this morning’s photo post? I sure do, what a handsome guy and what a smile.

Since I live fifty yards from a beautiful beach, I have an outdoor shower on my back patio. My boyfriend and I use it all the time. The patio is privacy-fenced, so we can get naked and get ourselves clean, out in the open. Delightful!

The effects of my cold are just about gone. I’m still a bit congested, still feeling a little fatigued, but I feel better than I have since Wednesday. I think today I’ll take a two-mile walk to get some exercise. I hate being sedentary and stuck in the house.

I received a nice comment from  a gay skateboarder in the UK named Adam. Here’s what he had to say:

“hi there, Im Adam Gregg. I live in plymouth, devon, UK and i skate and gay! everyknows im gay (i do have to add i am 19 and i was 16 when i came out so i was easier for me) but I think with me, im not camp or sissy like julian, i just like guys and my mates understand that XD, i think it is hard but its like coming out to anyone, it just has to be on yr own time and you’ll find alot of young people are more open then you think and you can truely find out who your real friends are.

enjoyed reading the blog and good luck julian.”

Here is a link to the April 15, 2010 blog post  Adam was writing to me about:

Thanks for writing, Adam.

Outside it about 65 degrees F and overcast. It’s very quiet here this morning, as there are no beachgoers out here. I like the quiet; it helps my writing. I’ll work on my story, Convicts, this morning. Then I’ll take my walk, maybe read a little afterward. Not an exciting day, I know, but I’ll take it.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

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