Shirtless and sexy boy …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys were meant to walk around shirtless, I think. Like the guy in today’s photo post. Cute, eh?

It’s been a nice, easy day. I’m glad to have my boyfriend home form his holiday travels to Minnesota and California. We had a nice workout at the YMCA, followed by basketball and lap-swimming. The pool felt great.

Now my boyfriend’s off to work and I’m about to visit the city to drink beer with my Wednesday night buds. We’ll dine out someplace as well, and it’ll be a nice evening. I lived with these two guys when I was attending law school at FSU and we’ve remained friends ever since.

The blog’s getting heavy traffic today. In fact, traffic’s been heavy the past several days. Is it the photos that draw visitors? My pithy commentaries on life in general? The accounts of my terribly exciting personal life? Who knows?

A reader named Evan wrote me today about my novel titled Maui, published in November 2009. He said, “I surfed in Maui during a two-week stay there, a couple of years ago. I visited Lahaina, and your description of the the town was spot on. You’re right about there gay scene on Maui — there is none. But what a beautiful place. I enjoyed your book, what a great story. Very sexy, too.”

Thanks for writing, Evan. I’m glad you liked the book. Maui’s one of my favorite places in the world. It’s so beautiful and the people there are so friendly. I’ll definitely go back there one day.

Enjoy your Wednesday night, everyone.

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