Naked guy on his belly; record-setting day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys look good lying on their stomach, butt naked. Know what I mean? Nice photograph, isn’t it? The guy has such beautiful skin, such a nice behind and legs. I thought the photo would brighten everyone’s Monday, so I hope you enjoy it.

It’s official: yesterday was the busiest day, traffic-wise, in this blog’s history. Just under 1,250 people stopped by, mostly folks from Europe, Australia and the United States. It’s a far cry from the early days of this blog when I was lucky to get one hundred visits on an average day.  Thanks to everyone for visiting.

My boyfriend and I had a great day yesterday, watching football, cooking  ribs on the charcoal grill, drinking beer and watching the Packers defeat the Eagles. The game was exciting. We had a friend over who’s a sports fanatic and a good guy. He wore his “cheese hat”, a must for Packer games, and we shared many laughs.

Today, I’ll spend my morning writing, then we’ll hit the YMCA. Outside it’s sunny and warm, about 75 degrees F. A steady wind is blowing from the south, making things a bit damp, but it’s okay. At least it’s not cold out there.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

One thought on “Naked guy on his belly; record-setting day on the blog …

  1. WOW! He has one hot sexy butt. Love the pose. Just thinking about how I would get him a hot rub down all over for hours. Love the photo. Thanks for sharing.

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