Hot guys in a cornfield; new feature on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

Did you have a nice Tuesday?

I sure did.

My boyfriend and I enjoyed nice lunch at an Italian bistro, then we went looking for a loveseat. The shopping took all afternoon, but we found exactly what we wanted, at a fair price. Mission accomplished!

What do you think of tonight’s photo post? This photographer has taken an entire series at this place, with two different models. In some photos both guys appear. I like them all, but especially this one. I like the contrast between the young man’s beauty and the bleakness of the cornfield after harvest.

I’ve made a change to my blogroll, to make it easier for readers to find and purchase my books with a single click. From now on, anytme I have a book published I’ll add a link to my blogroll and you can go directly to the publisher’s website. The page where my book appears will pop up, with the book’s blurb and all the information you’ll need to know. Sound good?

We’re staying home tonight, watching a Netflix rental and keeping things quiet. It’s chilly tonight on the island. Our low temperature tonight will dip into the 40s. (B-r-r-r-r …) It’s good for snuggling, though.

Oh, here’s a link to my post of a photo with both guys in the cornfield. Have a look:

Enjoy your Tuesday night, everyone.

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