Cute boy with his skim board; hockey game tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s finally supposed to warm up in central Florida today. Maybe I’ll get to walk on the beach without shivering today. And maybe if I’m lucky a few skimboarders will be down there, gliding along the shore on their boards.

I live on a barrier island on Florida’s Gulf Coast. We don’t have rideable surf here. If I want to get my surfboard wet I have to travel to the east coast of Florida. But we have miles and miles of white sand beaches where boys can use their skimboards. It’s a popular sport here, and the guys are often cute, like the young man in today’s photo post.

It’s Friday and it’s going to be a busy one for me. Besides working on my story, Convicts, I have repair people coming today, and I want to take a three-mile run. Tonight, my boyfriend and I will join a friend and travel to Tampa for a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. The Bolts play the New Jersey Devils.

I haven’t been to a hockey game in fifteen years, and I don’t watch it on TV. Since I’m a Florida native, I never learned how to play the game, and I don’t completely understand it. But my boyfriend’s from Wisconsin, he’s played hockey all his life. He’s going to explain the finer points of the game to me tonight. Should be fun!

At left is a photo of Steven Stamkos, probably the Lightning’s best player. He’s handsome, isn’t he? You can be sure I’ll be cheering for him tonight.

Last year the Lightning didn’t play too well, but this year they’re in first place in  their division and it looks like they have a good shot at making the playoffs.

I’m not sure about hockey fan protocol. Do people hold tailgate parties? Do we holler insulting remarks at the opposing team? Is fighting on the ice considered a plus? (You’ve heard the old joke: “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.” Yuck-yuck.)

Anyway, it should be an exciting Friday evening. Outside, the sun is shining and a light breeze is tickling the fronds of my coconut palms. I hope wherever you are, you’ll enjoy your Friday. The weekend’s here!

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