Getting in a sexy guy’s pants; a nice video for my readers and friends …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m doing an experiment here: uploading and posting a sexy little video I found on one of my favorite Tumblr sites. Let’s see if it works …

It does!

Okay, the video’s a little dark, but that sort of adds to its realistic look. You remember what it was like, getting into a cute guy’s pants after he’d passed out at a party or sleepover? It always took place in the dark, right? Anyway, I couldn’t format this post to conform to my blog’s usual look, but I thought I’d try something new. Let me know what you think, please.

The movie I saw with my boyfriend last night, a remake of the film True Grit, was pretty good, although you had to “suspend disbelief” in a few areas. (1) No fourteen year-old girl would behave the way “Mattie” did, especially in the Wild West. (2) An old man like Rooster could never have killed so many men single-handedly. But the acting was good, the photography beautiful, and I liked the formality of the dialogue.

Today it’s damp and foggy outside, but at least it’s not cold. Our “Mermaid thermometer” on the back porch (Christmas gift from my boyfriend) says it’s 65 degrees F on the island right now. Not bad. I’ll spend my morning writing, then I’ll get some housework done and visit the supermarket. We’ll take a run around five P.M. Then, who knows what we’ll do with our evening?

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone. And let me know if you liked the video.

4 thoughts on “Getting in a sexy guy’s pants; a nice video for my readers and friends …

  1. I use to be a Cub Scout from age 8 to 12 and my troop would regularly go out to Jamborees. I loved the summer one’s cos we use to ALWAYS go swimming and kayaking. Yes, the sight of hundreds of boys splashing about was truly a FEAST for my young eye’s lol!!! Particularly meeting new boys was fun. What has this got to do with the picture above. Well let’s just say usually we were billeted with boy’s from different troops and would sleep in ‘Pup Tents.’ Our nights were filled with xcited talking and (ahem) a WHOLE lot of playing lol!!! I’ll leave the rest to your imagination lol!!! Loads of fun and great memories…. 🙂

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