Hot guy in blue boardshorts; Martin’s up early …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah, the beauty of young men wearing nothing but a pair of boardshorts. Some guys were made to wear themĀ  and nothing else. Like the guy at left. I think he’s pretty hot. What do you think?

I imagine we’ll have some boys in boardshorts on our beach today. I’m up early and the sun is shining. The temperature’s around 70 degrees F and the wind is not blowing. Beach time!

I’ll spend my morning writing, my afternoon at the YMCA. Then I’ll join my buds in the city for beer-drinking and dinner at a restaurant. Okay, my life’s not ultra-exciting, but it suits me fine. I wouldn’t want to live anyplace else.

I’ve received a few inquiries the past couple of days about the status of the HBO Real Sports interviews of gay high school and college wrestlers. All I can tell you is I have not heard from them in about ten days. When I do hear from them I will let everyone know. Sound good?

Okay, enjoy this beautiful Wednesday, everyone.

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