Hot guy with rippling abs; fun at Disney World …

Hi, friends and readers:

I came across the photo in today’s post and I knew I had to put it up. Do you like it? I mean, what’s sexier than a guy with a handsome face, smooth skin and rippling abdominals? I hope everyone enjoys it.

We had a long day yesterday. We rose pretty early, had breakfast in the hotel lobby, then took a shuttle bus to Epcot, where we caught the monorail to The Magic Kingdom. Like I said yesterday, it had been twenty years since I’d been over here. I’m still impressed by the place. It’s beautifully organized, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the facilities are spotless. An effort has been made to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside: many lakes and much forest. The Kingdom actually takes up a very small percentage of Disney’s land holdings over here.

We did all the corny stuff you must do when visiting The Kingdom: Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Jungle Safari, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hall of Presidents, Thunder Mountain Railroad (rollercoaster), Tom Sawyer Island, The Haunted Mansion, GE Wheel of Progress, Peter Pan’s ride. I let my boyfriend do Space Mountain on his own. I don’t do roller coasters in the dark. We spent about eight hours in the park and I think we saw most everything we wanted to, and a few things we regretted. (Avoid the “Stitch” attraction. Remember Lilo and Stitch? The cartoon was pretty funny, but the attraction’s not worth the time.)

I’ve never seen so many little kids in one place. Strollers were everywhere. But most kids were well-behaved and having fun. The best things was, the crowd was the smallest I’ve ever seen at The Kingdom. Lines were short and there wasn’t a lot of jostling.

The weather yesterday was perfect for spending the day outdoors: sunny, breezeless, with a high of about 65 degrees F. I’ve visited The Kingdom during summer when the temperature climbs to 95 degrees F and the humdity’s about as high. It’s simply miserable. Take my advice, visit here between December first and the first of May, and you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more. If you can, visit on a weekdays when most kids are in school.

Our hotel turned out to be very nice, with a shuttle to and from Epcot. The restaurants here are almost all chain places with large dining rooms and so-so service. But we had decent dinners out and everything was a close drive from our hotel. I’m not complaining.

Today, we’ll drive back to the Gulf Coast, arriving home mid-afternoon. I’ll probably work on my writing for a while, maybe take a walk on the beach. It’s another beautiful day here in central Florida. Just right for getting outdoors and doing something active.

Wherever you are, friends, have a nice Friday. The weekend’s here.

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