One last post about Disney World …

Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t normally post photos of myself. Face it, I’m not as pretty as the boys/men whose photos I post on this blog.

But I had a great time at The Magic Kingdom yesterday and I guess you can see it in my face. What a nice day we had. The weather was perfect, the crowd small and well-behaved. My boyfriend and I enjoyed many laughs together, and we even learned a few things at the “educational” exhibits. We saw Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, characters from Toy Story, and even Daisy Duck. What more could one possibly ask for?

That’s Cinderella’s Castle in the background of my photo. They had a shop where you could buy Cinderella-themed clothing. I was tempted to buy a gown and tiara, but they didn’t have any sized “Men’s Large.” Why?

Seriously, we had a wonderful time. I think gay men have a special connection with Disney, dating back to our childhoods. They appeal to our imaginations and the theatrical side of our world view. At least that’s what I think. Do you agree?

All right, my boyfriend’s hungry. (“Quiet down, Goofy. I’ll get dinner going in just a few minutes.”) We took a long walk on the beach this afternoon, then we played a game of shuffleboard at our community’s court. (Island living’s so exciting.) The sun shone and it was so nice. Now we’re home and we will grill steaks and asparagus on the charcoal. Sweet potatoes are already in the oven. Is there a better way to spend a winter evening in Florida?

Enjoy your Friday night, everyone.

2 thoughts on “One last post about Disney World …

  1. Hi Martin! Thanks for posting your photo. Disneyland was always special to me. I had my 4th birthday there shortly after they opened and promptly fell in love with the place. My family moved almost every year and I got to grow up in lots of different places, but a constant was that whenever we were stateside and near the west coast on my birthday, I would get to go to Disneyland. They say you can never go home, meaning that things have changed so in your absence that the anticipated familiar nostalgia fails to percipitate. Growing up as a globe trotting nomad, I lamented greatly not having a home town and long term associations with neighbors, etc. As an adult I am often asked “Where ya from?” I used to try to explain myself, but now just answer “Main Street, Disneyland USA”. You see I can go home for the price of admission, and nothing has changed on Main Street. The twinkle lights are in the trees and the experience is of a 1890 town. It’s artificial, but familiar, nostalgic, fun, and comforting.


    Rick in San Francisco

  2. Hey Martin,

    On a seperate and more private note, you posted a photo of the “boy with the perfect ass” some weeks ago. I offered to forward you some legal photos that I have saved of that boy, but did not hear back from you. Please shoot me an email so that I can send them to you.


    Rick in San Francisco

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