Hot guy diving in his Speedo …

Hi, friends and readers:

Don’t you just love Speedos? Some guys were meant to wear them, and nothing else. Like the guy in this evening’s post. Blue is definitely his color. Don’t you agree?

It’s been such a nice day, here on the island. I put in a couple of solid writing hours, working on my new novella, Convicts. Afterward, my boyfriend and I took a two-mile walk on the beach. The sun shone and the temperature reached 72 degrees F. The wind was not blowing, so it was perfect. Kids built sand castles and tourists lounged on beach chaises, building their tans.

I took another two-mile walk around four PM, read the newspaper afterward. I didn’t find much interesting to read about. Our local police killings, a mom in Tampa who shot her two teenaged kids because they were too “mouthy.” Republican attempts to repeal Obama’s health care reform package. The NRA says, “We need more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. That’ll stop gun violence in our country.”

Aye-yi-yi. The madness never ends.

So, tonight we’ll charcoal a salmon filet, drink white wine, maybe watch our Netflix rental, a film called Blow. Ever seen it? I haven’t, but Johnny Depp’s in it, and I like most all his movies.

We walked down to the beach around six PM to watch sunset with our neighbors. Tonight’s display was, honestly, one of the best I’ve ever seen. Clouds glowed pink, gold and green. We only get a few of these each year. What a treat.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, everyone.

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  1. Hey. If you guys have a Playstation look into Netflix’s widget. There streaming content is pretty good with even just a decent download speed. lots of LGB stuff.


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