Hot boy in an A-shirt; chilly night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys look great in “A-shirts” (a/k/a “wife beaters”), don’t they? Like the young man in tonight’s photo post? Pretty cute, eh?

I’m almost willing to bet the photo was taken on an East Coast Florida beach, maybe even Cocoa Beach. Anybody know?

My boyfriend and I are back from the East Coast. The surfing situation was a bust, but we still had fun. After we got home and unpacked, we visited the YMCA for a workout, basketball and lap-swimming. Now we’re home and ready for a lazy Friday night. I’ll cook dinner and we’ll watch a Netflix film we’ve rented.

Outside, it’s windy and chilly and certainly not a night for outdoor activities. Maybe we’ll stroll down to our neighborhood bar and play a couple of games of pool, after our movie.

I received a nice royalty statement today from Torquere Press. I donated a story titled Winston Quirk to their “Healing Hearts” anthology, and my story has sold quite well over the past three months. My royalties were contributed to the “Doctors Without Borders” charity.

My short novel, Maui, also released by Torquere, continues to sell decently, even though it was released way back in November 2009. Pretty cool, eh? Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your Friday evening.

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