Pretty boy in white briefs; sweet morning on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some young men resent being called “pretty”, but face it: some are. Like the young man in this morning’s photo post. He’s beautiful, isn’t he?

Every once in a while, when I’m surfing on Florida’s east coast, I’ll encounter a guy like him, on the water or the shore. I’ll ask myself, “What must it feel like to be so handsome?” But I suppose physical beauty comes with its own set of problems. A guy who looks like him probably never knows if people truly like him for who he is, not for how he looks.

That’s a subject I explore in a story titled Dream Boy, included in my new Noble Romance anthology, Flawed Boys, due out July 7th. As mentioned yesterday, I’m working with an artist on the cover right now. All the edits are done and the book’s just about ready to hit the market.

The party I attended last night was so nice: great food and wine, nice people, good music. I had to leave earlier than everyone else because I am still feeling a bit jet lagged from my visit to Berlin. Western Europe is six hours ahead of Florida, so when it’s 10 PM here, it’s 4 AM in Germany. My body’s still running on European time, so I had to get myself into bed at a reasonable hour last night.

I rose at 6:30 this morning, and took a 1-1/2 mile run, followed by a delightful swim in the Gulf. I cooked myself a nice little breakfast and now I’m at the keyboard, ready to work on edits on my novel, Dodging A Pearl. It’ll be warm day, here on the island. The hotels and motels are full of holiday tourists, and the traffic today will be zany, but that’s okay.

Have a great Saturday, everyone.

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