Skater boyfriends together; gay skater sounds off; Martin’s bushed …

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at tonight’s photo post. It’s the best skater picture I’ve ever put up, I believe. These guys clearly care for each other, and they seem comfortable when showing each other affection in public. How cool is that?

All you gay skaters out there, the guys who follow this blog and write me all the time, take note. One day — maybe sooner than you think — you’ll be free to be yourselves at the skatepark. Think of it: nobody giving you shit for being gay. And that reminds me … I received an interesting comment a few days ago from a gay skateboarder in Rochester, NY named Zeke, age 15. He said:

“What a cool blog. I only came across it a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve spent lots of hours reviewing your archives. I think it’s cool how you’re always posting skater pics and comments. Like most guys who write you, I’m not out to my skater friends. They wouldn’t understand. But it’s nice to know there are many queer skaters like me in this world. I wish I knew some in Rochester. You can post this if you want, it’s okay. Maybe another Rochester kid will see this and we can somehow meet. I’d love to skate with another gay dude for once. Oh, and I get good grades in school, just like your character, Carter DuBose. But I don’t listen to classical music.”

Thanks for writing, Zeke. I’ve posted your comment, but if someone wants to contact you, they can’t do it through this blog. First, I want your privacy protected. Second, someone masquerading as a skater could try to meet up with you in Rochester, and that would not be good. I hope you understand. I’m only looking out for you.

I’m ultra-tired after a busy day. After editing Dodging A Pearl all morning, I spent the afternoon in my yard, doing all sorts of things: weeding, raking, trimming shrubs, using the leaf blower to clean my patio and sidewalks. That sort of stuff. I even repaired a fence gate so the latch works smoothly. (I’m such a handyman.) The sky was overcast, so it wasn’t too bad, but now I’m bushed. I rented The King’s Speech from Netflix and maybe I’ll watch it tonight. I like anything Colin Firth’s in. (Remember his film, A Single Man? It was great.)

Have a nice Saturday night, my friends.

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