Hot boy’s photo re-posted; sexy cover art for “Hot Jocks” anthology …

Hi, friends and readers:

A long time ago, I posted the photo appearing at left. It was a huge hit with readers, so I thought I would re-post it, as part of my site restoration process.

At the time, I previously posted his picture, I thought the photo was taken in Hawaii. But I’ve seen other photos of this young man — some of them very explicit — and now I think he is probably Russian. In any case, he certainly is handsome, isn’t he?

I’ve had a productive day: writing, reading the newspaper, running errands and swimming a quarter-mile in the Gulf, since my knee’s a bit sore and I don’t want to aggravate it. The Gulf was nice, but a little choppy, due to a west wind. Now, I’m showered and sipping from a cold beer as I write this. I have a rough life, don’t I?

Outside, it’s pretty warm, about ninety degrees F. But the Gulf breeze is keeping it bearable, and tonight should be a pretty evening. I having a relative for dinner; I’m grilling marinated pork chops, and they should be tasty. Since I’m leaving for a ten-day stay in Maine on Friday, I need to clear perishable food out of my fridge, so my side dishes tonight should a quite a mix. (Remember what your mom said: “Don’t let food go to waste.”

My “contributor’s copies” for the Cleis Press anthology, Hot Jocks, arrived in the mail today. Here’s what the cover looks like. Pretty sexy, eh?

I mentioned this book in an earlier post; each story involves athletes having a sexual encounter. Mine’s pretty steamy; it’s called Track Meat, and the two main characters are both distance runners. I’ve placed a link in my sidebar to the Cleis Press site, where you can have a look at Hot Jocks and decide if you want to buy it.

By the way, I don’t receive royalties on sales of Hot Jocks. I was paid a one-time fee for my story. But it’s a pretty good book, I think. (You can always buy it for your boyfriend as a gift, you know.)

I’m not up to much this evening, other than preparing dinner. Maybe I’ll take a stroll on the beach once the moon comes up. Right now, we have a crescent moon setting over the Gulf around eight PM, and it would be nice to see it. Plus, I get so tired being cooped up in the house during summer’s heat. At least at night and during the early morning, it’s okay outside.

Oh, and here’s a link to the earlier photo I posted of the young man in the head scarf: I think he looks better without the scarf, don’t you?

I know everyone’s sad about the long weekend drawing to a close, but have a nice Tuesday night, all.

One thought on “Hot boy’s photo re-posted; sexy cover art for “Hot Jocks” anthology …

  1. Yah, Russian letters, all right…
    Maybe a small chance he might be in Sochi? (Russian resort town on the Black Sea) But I think he looks way better with the headwrap 🙂

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