Naked lovers in black and white; busy day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

You know me: I’m always a sucker for a beautiful butt, so when I came across tonight’s photo post, I knew I needed to put it up before I leave for Maine. Can you blame the guy on the left for staring at his buddy?

I’m home from visiting the YMCA , then Lowe’s. The YMCA was a little disappointing today. Someone crapped in the swimming pool and management closed the pool for ten hours, until chemicals could sanitize the water. (G-r-r-r-r …) How does somebody manage to take a dump while swimming?

I purchased several bags of mulch at Lowe’s, so I could finish mulching the parkway in front of my house. I did the first half of the job over the weekend, and this part won’t take long. I’m hoping tomorrow will be overcast and cooler than today, so the work won’t be too beastly.

Oh, and I did watch The King’s Speech last night, a Netflix rental. I enjoyed it very much. Colin Firth’s always so good in any role he plays. If you haven’t seen this film, I recommend you do. It’s hard for me to find movies I enjoy. I don’t like “People Getting Shot” movies, or animated movies, or stupid comedies. I’d rather read a book. But The King’s Speech was a pleasure to watch.

This blog’s getting heavy traffic these days. Yesterday I had 1,700 visitors. It looks like I’ll have about the same today. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Come back anytime.

Okay, soon I must hop into the Honda Element (Martin’s version of the Batmobile) and cruise into the city for dinner with my buds. I wonder where we’ll dine tonight? Greek, Italian, Thai or barbeque? Who knows? Enjoy your Wednesday evening, all.

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