Sexy guy sleeping; Martin’s up early …

Hi, friends and readers:

I always like photos of sexy guys who are sleeping. Like the one I’ve posted here today. He looks so … vulnerable, doesn’t he? I wonder if he’s dreaming? If so, what’s he dreaming about? His last lovemaking session with his boyfriend, maybe? (Yeah, I’m an eternal optimist …)

I was up at 6:30 this morning, for my usual walk on the beach, followed by a swim in the Gulf. It’s so pretty in the early morning, here on the island, before the sun gets too far up in the sky. I had an appointment in the city, fairly early, but now I’m back and ready to get busy.

A lot will be happening in the days ahead. Tomorrow, my new book, Flawed Boys, will be released by Noble Romance. It’s a three-story anthology. Each story’s about 9,000 words, meaning it would take about an 45 minutes to an hour to read one, or three hours to read the entire book.

Friday morning, I take a flight to Bangor, Maine, along with two friends. We will meet my boyfriend there, he’s flying in from Minneapolis. Then we’ll drive to my friend’s lakefront cottage, where we’ll stay ten days. We’ll hike, swim in the lake, use the motor boat to cruise the shoreline, and otherwise explore the outdoor beauty of Maine. In my opinion, the only state that’s prettier is California.

Tonight, I’ll join my Wednesday night buds for our usual drinking and gabbing, followed by dinner at a restaurant. I’ve known one guy since third grade, the other since my college days. We lived together in Tallahassee when I attended FSU’s law school, about a million years ago.

Right now, I need to get busy doing edits on my book, Dodging A Pearl. At 85,000 words, it’s requiring a major effort on my part. But I know it’s going to turn out a lot better when I’m finished. I simply have to persevere. So, I’ll wish everyone a nice Wednesday.

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