Sexy Zac Efron; Martin’s packing …

Hi, friends and readers:

I think Zac Efron’s extremely sexy. Don’t you? He has a great body, a nice smile, and beautiful eyes. But I must confess: I’ve never seen any of his films, except for Hairspray. Is he a good actor? I don’t know. But I hear he’s a very nice guy, very unimpressed with himself, and that’s refreshing.

I went out with my buds last night. We dined at our favorite Italian place, and I got home later than usual, so I slept in late this morning. I still took my morning walk on the beach, and I took a swim in the Gulf. The sky’s overcast today, which is good. I can do my yard work and take a run without risking heat stroke. I leave for Maine tomorrow morning, quite early, so I’m busy doing laundry and getting packed for the trip.

I talked with my boyfriend last night. Today’s his birthday, and I know he’s sleeping in this morning, so I won’t call him until later. I’m  so excited about meeting him in Bangor tomorrow. It’s his first visit to Maine. He loves the outdoors, so I know he’ll like it there. Last summer, we didn’t see any moose, but I suspect we will this trip. Look out, Bullwinkle!

Alright, I have edits to do on Dodging A Pearl, so I’ll sign off now. Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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