A boy who’s not ashamed to be queer …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of this evening’s photo post? I think it’s funny as hell. It would take some major balls to walk down a street wearing such a shirt, or showing up at a party wearing it. Where can I get one, anyway?

My trip to the orthopedist went well today. They took x-Rays and I must have an MRI next Tuesday, but the doctor says it’s almost certainly a “medial meniscus tear.” That means arthroscopic surgery for Martin.   I’m not happy about it, but at least after the surgery I’ll be able to run and play basketball again.

My visit to the YMCA this afternoon was good. I couldn’t do my leg exercises, but I performed the rest of my normal workout. Then I swam laps in the pool. As on Wednesday, I got my own lap lane. Amazing!

Tonight I’m attending a neighborhood barbeque. I’ll come home afterward and maybe watch a movie. Lats night, I watched a film on cable called The Kids Are Alright. Ever hear of it? The film’s about a lesbian couple who’ve had two kids via artificial insemination. At some point, when the kids are in their late teens, the sperm donor comes into their lives, and things go a little haywire. I sure enjoyed it, so you might, too.

Right now, I’m sipping from a cold beer and enjoying the air conditioning. Outside it’s overcast and very humid, like a steam bath. These Florida summers seem to go on forever …

Enjoy your Friday night, everyone.

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