A cute boy with tousled hair; quiet Sunday on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Wake up, sleepyhead. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. (Didn’t you just love Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver?) Everyone like this morning’s photo post? He’s so handsome. You know he’s just gotten out of bed. Was someone in it with him? I guess we’ll never know. But I’m guessing he’ll be showering momentarily. That would be fun to watch.

I just walked outside to retrieve the newspaper and . . . yuck. It’s hot and steamy and certainly no day to be spending outdoors. I think I’ll stay inside and write, then maybe my boyfriend and I will find something cool to do this afternoon. We’re visiting our Maine travel companions tonight, to look at our vacation photos, maybe play a match of Scrabble, and dine on takeout pizza from a place here on the island. Nothing too wild, but these guys are always fun to hang out with.

Last night, I picked up my boyfriend at the Tampa airport about eight PM. We dined at a seafood place, then headed for the island, where we didn’t last long. Both of us were tired. This morning, he’s sleeping in as I write this. It’s so nice having him home.

Enjoy your Sunday, friends, wherever you are.

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