Hot boy in a freight elevator (Or is he in a cage?); peaceful Sunday on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of this morning’s photo post? When I came across the picture, it caught my attention immediately. I don’t think that’s a cage he’s in; it’s an old fashioned freight elevator, I believe, the kind where you have to lift the gate to enter or exit. But he does have a “trapped” look to him, doesn’t he? Do you think he is someone’s “kept boy?” I could see why he would be. Sexy, eh?

(Update: Okay, someone pointed out a few things about the photo at left: the young man’s wearing a collar, and there’s chain link fence gate behind him, so that’s not a freight elevator. He probably is in a cage. Now I’m liking the photo even better …)

Last night was a really nice evening. We joined our neighbor and another friend for a sunset swim in the Gulf. A nice breeze blew and we had nice waves. The sunset was pretty and everyone was in a good mood. Afterward, we had a great meal and good wine to go with it. What a nice way to spend a Saturday night. My boyfriend and I hit the bed early because he’s doing a 20-mile bike ride this morning, along with one of our fellow travelers from our Maine trip.

I rose early myself — around seven AM — and I took my usual walk on the shore, just as the sun was coming up. The beach was so pretty this morning, and my swim was refreshing. Now it’s heating up outside, and I imagine we’ll do indoor things today.

Thanks again to all of you who stopped by the Noble Romance Launch Party yesterday. I gave away some prizes and heard from many nice folks. It was fun, and I hope it gave people some exposure to my views on writing.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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