Another Robbie Wadge photo; dinner on the town tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, I came across this photo of Robbie Wadge, who I find incredibly cute, and I couldn’t resist putting it up. Does anyone know if Robbie’s gay?

I’m home after a smooth workout at the YMCA and lap-swimming in the pool. Afterward, we visited the island’s best booze market for wine, including a $27 bottle we plan to share tonight before dining out. This is my boyfriend’s last night in Florida before he returns to Minnesota for summer’s duration. I hate to see him go, but I’ll see him in a week, when I head north for a week-long stay in Wisconsin. Have I mentioned we’ve rented a cottage on a lake up there for a week? I can’t wait to get back in cooler weather.

The restaurant we’ll dine at tonight is one of our favorites. We only go there on special occasions, as it’s a bit pricey. The food and atmosphere are great, so’s the service, so it’s worth it. Plus it’s on a neighboring island, so the drive’s not too far. Their seafood specialties are the best. (Okay, my mouth’s watering …)

Outside, it’s still stinking hot, despite the fact it’s already 6:00 PM. I don’t know how people loved in Florida before the advent of air conditioning. At this time of year, we do outdoor activities very early in the morning, or after sundown, when the heat lets up a little.

Is everyone enjoying my story, Closet Case, so far? I’ll put up a fourth installment Thursday morning, so you’ll have a little Delacroix fiction to carry you through your day. Sound good? Okay, enjoy your Wednesday night, all.

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