Gay surfer speaks up; lobster for dinner tonight, here on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m getting lots of comments on my story, Closet Case. They run the gamut from “great fiction, Martin” to “that BDSM stuff is just too weird.”

Well, that’s fiction writing for you. An author can never please everyone, even when he’s writing genre for a niche audience. People have differing ideas about what’s good fiction, and that’s okay. Plus, I have a philosophy: no story’s good unless it pisses somebody off.

I’m just home from my YMCA workout and lap-swimming. It’s hotter than blazes outside and I’m hiding out in the air conditioning. I’m having a guest for dinner tonight. The supermarket had Florida lobster tails on sale today, so I’m cooking two under the broiler. They’re the best. 

I also received a comment from Evan, age eighteen, a surfer from Southern California. He’ll be a freshman at U. C. Santa Barbara this fall. He said the following:

“I’ve followed your blog for about eighteen months. I check it every so often to see if you’ve posted comments from gay surfers. I think it’s interesting to hear about other guys’ experiences.

“I’ve surfed since I was nine. I learned from my uncle. He’s taken me on surfing trips all up and down the California coast, and to Hawaii. My uncle is gay, and my parents have always been fine with me spending time with him.

“When I was thirteen, I had my first sexual experience with another boy, a friend who lived in my neighborhood. After that, I knew I was gay like my uncle. I finally told him when I was fifteen, even before I told my parents. He talked to me for a long time about the importance of being myself, and not being afraid to be different. It really helped. He also was there when I told my parents, for support. Everything worked out okay, and I am cool with my sexual orientation. Now I just need to find a boyfriend!

“I know I’m lucky to have the uncle and parents that I have. I haven’t told my buds I surf with that I’m gay. I’m not sure how they’d react. But I leave for UCSB in about a month, and I plan to join the LGBT group on campus. I won’t hide my sexuality from anyone at school. It’s time I lived as an openly gay man, I think. Why hide who you are?”

Thanks for writing me, Evan. Your thoughts and attitudes, and your personal story, are refreshing and inspiring. Good luck at UCSB. It’s a great school, and the Santa Barbara area has some nice breaks. I hear Rincon’s the best.

Okay, everyone: I have work to do this evening, and a meal to prepare. So, I’ll be on my way. Enjoy your Friday night.

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