A naked guy and an armoire; Martin likes his new bike …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not sure what to think about this morning’s photo post. It’s an odd pose, isn’t it? I mean, is he supposed to be moving that armoire? Have the cops raided the place he’s at? Have they told him, “Up against the wall, naked dude,” or something like that? Who knows? But he sure has a nice behind, doesn’t he?

I’m posting late again this morning because I went for another two-hour bike ride in Ft. De Soto Park this morning, with a good friend. Today was a bit warmer than yesterday, due to lack of breeze, but it was still pretty nice out there. We did twenty miles, and I really was not tired at the finish. The hardest part’s getting my butt used to sitting on a bicycle seat for two hours. My glutes get sore.

I don’t have much planned for today. I’ll do edits on my book, Convict Ass, and I’ll take a trip to Lowe’s for a few things related to my new bike. I have to be able to store it and lock it up on my back porch, which will take “some doing”, as we say down South. I have limited space out there, but I’ll work it out.

My neighbors’ barbeque party last night was fun; the food was great, so was the company. But by ten PM I was ready for sleep. I crashed onto my bed, and I was out in five minutes. This morning, I rose at 6:15 AM, feeling refreshed and ready to roll. I’m not sure what I’ll do for dinner tonight, but I’m gong to keep it simple.

Whatever you’re up to on this August Sunday morning, I hope you’re enjoying yourself.

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