Hot boy with ripped abs; easy Monday night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s hard to beat a young man with a set of rock-hard abs, isn’t it? Most guys can only pull that off a few years, maybe age 18 through 22, or a bit longer if they eat right. (I don’t think I’ll ever see my abs again. Sniffle …)

Anyway, I hope everyone likes this evening’s photo post. He’s a beauty, isn’t he?

I’m home from my workout and swim at the YMCA. I even got my own lap lane in the pool today. Amazing! Outside, it’s overcast and humid. We had a downpour on the island while I was in town, so puddles are everywhere. It’s okay, we need the rain.

I’m hosting a relative for dinner tonight: baked chicken breasts basted in olive oil, with fresh rosemary leaves and a red sauce. I’ll serve it with whole wheat pasta and a salad. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

I talked on the phone with my beautiful boyfriend this morning; he’s in Minnesota working. Two days from now, I’ll fly up there. We’re spending a week in a lakefront cottage in northern Wisconsin. We’ll fish, hike, and otherwise explore the area. It’ll be very private and lots of fun. The cottage is fully equipped, so we’ll cook our meals there. I’m sure we’ll drink plenty of beer and wine, too. Fun-fun!

Okay, I must tend to correspondence, so I’ll sign off. I hope everyone’s having a nice Monday evening.

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  1. By the way thanks for such a great site. Just gone through THE ENTIRE blog and it’s incredible. Great eye candy, stories and your marvelous wit make this place AWESOME!!! Much thanks. Keep it (the blog that is lol!!!) up…. 🙂

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