Gay youth eating tail; one more post, this one from Minneapolis …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like this morning’s photo post? Ah, the time-honored practice of “rimming.” Its devotees know exactly how erotic and stimulating this activity can be, both for recipient and the guy who’s eating. What? You haven’t tried it? If your partner’s freshly bathed, it’s perfectly safe, and it sure is fun. Come on . . . don’t be so squeamish. Do it. Just one warning, your boyfriend will become addicted to it, and you will too.

Speaking of boyfriends . . . I’m here at the Hampton Inn in Minneapolis, only a short distance from Mall of America, an enormous shopping mall. The parking garage there looks bigger than Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. I’m not a shopper or a fashionista, but I’m sure the mall’s heaven if you are. There’s an IKEA here, too. We’re close to the airport, as well. We can see planes landing. For a Hampton Inn, this place is nice. The room’s large and well-appointed, and the king bed is mucho comfortable. We gave it a workout last night. (Yum-m-m …)

We had dinner with my boyfriend’s parents last night. They are sweet people and they have a beautiful home. Afterward, we returned to the hotel and we didn’t last long. Both of us were tired. Now, we’re up early and ready for breakfast. We’ll drive to Wisconsin today, to our lake cottage. We’ll stop along the way for supplies, i. e., food and booze.

The weather up here is beautiful: sunny, cool and dry. It feels so nice to escape Florida’s heat. My flight was a nonstop, it took about three hours. Left on time, arrived early. What more can you ask for? I give Delta Airlines a gold star. As I said in my last post, there’s no Internet where we are headed today; it’s a very remote part of Wisconsin. So, it’s doubtful I’ll post again until August 18th. Everyone take care during my absence. And enjoy your Thursday, too.

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