Hot boy at a waterfall; reflections on Wisconsin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Does everyone like this morning’s photo post? I sure do. The young man’s handsome, of course. I like the expression on his face. And the waterfall is beautiful. I wonder where the photo was taken, and by who? Anyone know?

I was up early this morning, walking on the beach and taking a dip in the Gulf. I think the weather has cooled just a bit, during my eight-day visit to Wisconsin. Of course, it’ll still be brutally hot this afternoon, but even a small lowering of temperature and humidity is welcome.

Last night, I was too tired to say much on this blog about my trip to the Upper Midwest, but I’d like to comment on my stay in Wisconsin this morning.

I’ve visited Wisconsin twice before, but I stayed in cities like Madison, Eau Claire and Milwaukee. I had never visited the “northern woodlands” of Wisconsin before. My boyfriend and I rented a two bedroom cottage on a lake that was probably four miles long and a half-mile wide. The cottage came with a motorboat, a paddle boat, fishing tackle, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The nearest town had a population of three hundred people. We had no Internet service and my cell phone only worked sporadically.

We spent our days boating, fishing, playing golf and exploring the area. Each night, my boyfriend chopped wood and built a fire in the outdoor fire pit. We cooked all our meals, mostly on the cottage’s propane gas grille. The weather was ideal. Every day was sunny. The high temperatures were between 75-80 degrees F, the lows between 55-60 degrees F. We had one rainstorm that lasted a half-hour.

The people we met in Wisconsin were unpretentious, helpful and friendly. Many are farm people. The corn fields go on forever, and there are many dairy farms. The lakes are abundant, and the farther north you go the more hilly the land becomes. My favorite town we visited was Birchwood, with Hayward a close second.

Okay, there was no nightlife, but I didn’t miss Florida’s hustle-bustle at all. Wisconsin’s a place to relax and spend intimate time with someone special. We are definitely going back there next summer for another stay at a lake cottage.

I have much to do today: edits on Convict Ass, YMCA, and shopping for groceries and booze. My fridge is empty. (Oh, no!) I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening, but it will definitely include watching sunset with my neighbors.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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