Cute guy in black and white. Where is everyone today?

Hi, friends and readers:

What is it about black and white photography that makes it special? I don’t like a steady diet of this genre, but occasionally I’ll come upon a piece and it grabs me. Like the photo I’ve posted tonight.

He’s a slender young man, and smooth-skinned. Not everyone’s type, I know. But I find him very appealing.

It’s been a productive day for Martin: a sixteen-mile bike ride, edits on Dodging a Pearl, a top-to-bottom house cleaning, and a nice talk on the phone with my wonderful boyfriend. I just drove down to our neighborhood market, to buy a bottle of Savignon blanc, and aye-yi-yi, it’s so hot and humid out there. Nobody’s on the street or the beach. If you live in Florida, don’t bother going outdoors. Stay in the air conditioning and read a Martin Delacroix book, instead.

And, hey: where is everyone today? Traffic-wise, this has been one of the slowest days I’ve had on this blog in months. I know school just started yesterday, but I don’t think many of my fans are high-school kids. Is today a holiday of some kind? Is CVS having a sale on condoms and lube? It’s a mystery to me, but I’ll try not to take the lack of interest too personally. (Sniffle …)

One more thing: the photo I posted yesterday, of the guy in the red boardshorts, has been a real hit. All kinds of people are downloading it. If you have not checked it out, do so. Now!

Have a nice Tuesday night, all. Stay cool.

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