Another cute guy with a backpack and no shirt; Martin’s a bit hungover …

Hi friends and readers:

What is it about cute guys wearing a backpack, but no shirt? They’re so … sexy. At least I think so. Like the guy in this morning’s photo post. Isn’t he cute?

I’m moving a little slow this morning. Last night, my good friend and neighbor brought over a bottle of red wine, which we enjoyed. Then, my dinner guest arrived and we drank two vodka/tonics before eating. Then we had another after cleaning up. Next thing I knew, I was in bed.

This morning, I woke with a bit of a hangover. When will I learn? I did manage to take my walk on the beach, and then take a dip in the Intracoastal Waterway. It was pretty outside — breezy and a bit less humid than usual, due to the hurricane in the Atlantic soaking up moisture.

I considered driving to the East Coast today–I could surf waves generated by the storm–but it’s usually too crowded over there for my taste. Every surfer in central Florida rushes to Brevard County, and the line-ups are a mob scene. It’s just not worth it.

This’ll be an easy Friday for me: writing this morning, YMCA this afternoon. I’ll visit my relative in the hospital afterward, then it’s back to the island for a quiet Friday evening. I know, it’s not too exciting, but that’s okay. Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Another cute guy with a backpack and no shirt; Martin’s a bit hungover …

  1. I’d love to see some cute young guys like this wearing Bib Overalls without a T -Shirt. A backpack would only add to their cuteness.

    • I LOVE seeing guys in bib overalls with no shirt underneath. This was a popular style when I was in law school, back in mid-1970’s. I dated a guy who always wore bibs and no shirt, very hot. Ah, the memories. 😉 Thanks for writing.

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