Cute boy yawning; Martin’s tired tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

We all get tired sometimes, don’t we? When that happens, a guy should take a nap, right? The young man at left looks like he needs a a nice snooze. It might be fun to take one with him, don’t you think?

I can tell you, I sure am tired. After last night’s partying, my early rise this morning, my YMCA workout, and a trip to the hospital, I am bushed. I just got home and I’ve cracked open a beer. After I complete this post, I’ll tend to correspondence, and then I’ll share a bottle of red wine with my good friend and neighbor. It’s a nice little French Bordeaux (the wine, not my neighbor) and I’m sure we’ll enjoy it. I quit smoking cigarettes years ago, but I once told someone, “If I’m told an nuclear war will occur wtihin the next few days, the first thing I’ll do is buy a carton of Marlboros and a case of good, French Bordeaux. I may as well die happy.”

I want to say thanks, again, to all the folks who sent in comments about Dean, the gay high school triathlete whose comment I posted on the blog earlier this week. I heard from him again yesterday. He wants me to assure everyone that he wasn’t serious about “throwing himself in front of a bus.” He says he’ll be fine, he’s just frustrated. We all remember what that was like, don’t we?

Outside, it’s steamy, but there’s a little breeze blowing. Maybe we’ll do sunset later on, and I’ll throw together dinner afterward. I have a 16-mile bike ride starting at 7 AM tomorrow, so I’ll be in bed early.

Have a great Friday night, all.

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