Sexy guy losing his swimsuit; breezy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Does everyone like this morning’s photo post? I mean, who needs a swimsuit anyway? Just hop in the lake and enjoy the freedom of skinny-dipping, right? That tree trunk looks pretty slippery; I hope he doesn’t fall in by accident.

I got up early this morning, to do a 12-mile bike ride with a friend. Outside, it’s very breezy. Hurricane Irene, which is way up by North Carolina, is sending a steady 15-20 MPH wind right out of the west. The Gulf is choppy, and I doubt many people will visit the beach today. There’s no way a beach umbrella would stay planted in the sand. Stuff would get blown everywhere.

I have a busy day ahead of me: edits on Dodging a Pearl, picking my relative up from the hospital and bringing her home, a visit to the supermarket, and preparing dinner for four guests and myself tonight. I’m feeling good, though. Last night, after I had a simple dinner. I fell asleep on the sofa watching a movie. I woke around ten-thirty and went to bed. When I rose at 6:30 AM; I was rested and ready to hit the bike trail.

Good luck to all my friends at the North Carolina coast. Hopefully, the storm’s severity has lessened and it won’t do too much damage. You surfers up there: use your heads and stay out of the water.I know those big waves are tempting, but it’s dangerous out there. Listen to Martin!

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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