Sexy lover boys getting close; party time at Martin’s …

Hi, friends and readers:

Take a look at tonight’s photo post. Isn’t it beautiful? The guys, of course, are young and sexy. But what makes the photo special, in my opinion, is the lighting and the background. The guys are indoors where it’s warm, but it’s cold outside, wherever they are. See the snow and the barren trees? I’ve never lived a place where the weather is like that; I’m not sure if I’d like it. But I’d probably spend a lot more time snuggling up to my boyfriend’s furry legs if I dwelt in a cold-weather clime. That wouldn’t be too bad, would it? (“Come here, sweetie: warm me up …”)

In a couple of hours I’m hosting a dinner party. I’m making baked ziti, tossed salad and garlic bread–simple stuff but tasty, and it allows me spend time with my guests instead of toiling in the kitchen while they are here. Two guests I have known since they were teenagers. They wrestled for the high school we were zoned for at the time. They’re good guys, totally. One guy is bringing his girlfriend, the other’s bringing a guest I have not met before. But it’s bound to be a fun evening, with much wine, music, and many laughs.

I imagine we’ll walk to the beach for sunset this evening. The wind from the hurricane seems to have died down a lot, but it’s so damned hot out there. Hopefully, by 7:30 PM, things will be cooler.

Enjoy your Saturday night, everyone.

One thought on “Sexy lover boys getting close; party time at Martin’s …

  1. Hey Martin šŸ™‚ Cool photo (get it? lol!!!) Love this pic cos simply 2 guy’s foolin’ around. Okay 2 shirtless, totally HOT guy’s lol!!! Hope your dinner party went well. Thanks 4 the info about your site-i’m kinda NEW at this anyways. Alrite, geez sorted.

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