Hot guy doing sit-ups; Martin’s off to the city …

Hi friends and readers:

Did you get your exercise today? It’s important to keep your waist trim, your abdominals toned. Like the young man in tonight’s photo post. Who would turn him down? Not me ….

It’s been a good day. After I finished my editing this morning, we shared a nice lunch. Then we visited the beach for a bit of raft floating in the Gulf of Mexico. The beach was nearly deserted because the sky was overcast. But things were nice down there: calm water, a light breeze, plenty of seabirds swooping and diving. After we showered, we got dressed and ran a few errands: booze market, bank, and a Christmas Shoppe, where we bought white lights for our back porch. (The strands burn out at least once a year.) We strung the new lights when we got home, and now the back porch is bright and cheerful.

If you follow this blog, you know I typically gather with friends in the city on Wednesday night. These are guys I lived with when I attended law school at FSU, in Tallahassee. We gather at one friend’s house, drink beer and yak. Then we go out someplace for dinner. It’s a nice ritual. Tonight, my boyfriend will join us, since he’s in town. It’ll be a fun evening, plus I don’t have to eat my own cooking.

Enjoy your Wednesday evening all, wherever you might be.

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