Briefs coming off; packing’s almost done …

Hi, friends and readers:

Does everyone like this evening’s photo post? Imagine walking into your bedroom and finding him there, just about to lower his briefs. Would you offer to assist? I sure would. He’s a hot young man, isn’t he? I wonder what he’s looking out his window at? Maybe other hot guys playing basketball across the street?

It’s been a busy day. After my boyfriend left for work, I ran a gazillion errands. They’re all done now. All the meat we’re taking in a cooler to the Bahamas is in the freezer. All the laundry’s done and the bills and correspondence are taken care of. The plants are watered, too. (Huff-huff ….)

I took a walk on the beach around 4:30 PM, just to relax and enjoy the beauty of the day. It was nice down there — warm and sunny, with a light breeze. I took a dip in the Gulf afterward. I won’t say the water was warm, but it wasn’t cold either.

I came home after my walk and swim, and I showered on the patio. It felt great. Now, I’ve opened a beer and I’m getting ready to spend a relaxing evening by myself. Maybe I’ll read something or watch a Netflix movie I just received. I’ll be in bed early, since I rose this morning before seven AM, and I’ll need to be rested for our trip.

Tomorrow, we’ll load up the Element and drive to West Palm Beach, where we’ll catch a morning flight to the Abacos on Thursday. It’s about a four-hour drive, not too bad. I’m excited about going, and so’s my boyfriend. I know we’ll have a blast.

Have a nice Tuesday evening, all.

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