Hot volleyball player; info on gay volleyball association; busy day on the island for Martin ..

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at tonight’s photo post. I think the guy’s mighty sexy. Look at those lips and his hairy armpit. Yum-m-m-m …. He reminds me of a couple of my fraternity brothers, back at good old University of Florida. How long ago was that? Um-m-m … never mind.

I’ve been mucho busy today; I got so much done. I cleaned out our storage shed — the first time in seven years. You should’ve seen the useless crap I threw away. It’s all stacked by the garbage cans now. Why didn’t I do it before? I did yard work and washed my car. The poor Element was splattered with dead bugs from our trip home from West Palm Beach.  I watered houseplants and fertilized orchids. I even drove to the florist’s and bought fresh flowers for our dining table. Whew!

A reader wrote to me about a November 2010 post where I put up a comment from a gay volleyball player from Texas. I posted the comment, but I wanted everyone to know there is a nationwide gay volleyball association where players can meet up and participate in this sport in a nondiscriminatory atmosphere. I’ve placed the link in my blogroll in the sidebar at right. Go ahead, check it out. I played on a gay volleyball team at FSU when I was in law school. It was lots of fun. We even had drag queen cheerleaders who came to our matches. Here’s the link to the November 2010 post:

Now it’s 5:30 PM and I’ve cracked open a cold beer. I’ll cook for my boyfriend tonight and we’ll watch a bit of football. I think it’ll be an early bedtime for us tonight; we’ll see. Anyway, wherever you are, I hope you’re having a nice Saturday night.

One thought on “Hot volleyball player; info on gay volleyball association; busy day on the island for Martin ..

  1. Hello Martin,

    I tried to send this to you but it bounced back. I am not sure how to get this picture too you. Perhaps you could provide an e-mail address that is working to send it to?

    Perfect Carve!.jpgtrey johnson to jeremfishbacl
    show details 12:24 AM (18 hours ago)

    Welcome Back Martin,

    I am glad to read in your post what a wonderful trip you had. I am sure you are already on it, but, if not, I just wanted to be sure that you see the attached picture. The composition is excellent, the subject is beautiful, the color, though possibly enhanced, is striking, the emotion of the subject is awesome, and the carve is, well, perfect! Even if you do not post it, I sure do feel lucky that I ran across it on the net, and I am guessing that you will agree that it is an unusually great shot.

    Always Appreciating Your Blog,


    Perfect Carve!.jpg
    352K View Download

    352K View Download

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