Cute boys smooching on the bus; breezy afternoon in the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Times have changed, haven’t they? When I was in high school I wanted to kiss boys, but I didn’t dare. My front teeth could have been knocked out. But nowadays boys kiss one another right in front of other guys.  It’s not fair! Why should today’s youngsters have all the fun on the school bus?

It’s been an uneventful day, here on the island. The breeze picked up and the temperature rose into the upper 80s, too hot and windy for me. We stayed inside, in the air conditioning, watching NFL football. (Giants versus Bills, a real snooze fest. I mean, who cares?)

Tonight we’ll drive into town for our dinner gathering and Scrabble rematch with the guys we visited Maine with back in July 2011. The beer will flow, along with various opinions on world events. My boyfriend and I have lost in Scrabble to these guys several times; our record’s 1-4. Awful! Maybe we’ll win tonight?

The traffic’s been heavy on the blog today. It’s five PM and already 1,800 people have stopped by to view my photos and my remarks about my exciting life as a fiction writer. Thanks to everyone who’s visited here. I’ll keep posting if you’ll keep stopping by. How’s that? Do we have a deal?

Have a nice Sunday evening, everyone.

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