Comment from a gay skateboarder; beautiful fall night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a comment received from a gay skateboarder. It’s not because I have not heard from any gay boys/men who skate. Believe me, I receive comments from these guys all the time. Sometimes, I think this blog is the unofficial “gay skateboarder” venting head-quarters for the Internet. And that’s okay; I love hearing from you guys. Here’s something I received from Kenny in Des Moines, IA, age sixteen. He said this about his life as a skater in his hometown:

‘Why do people stereotype? Yeah, I’m a skater,  but I get good grades in school, I’m not stupid. I don’t break into people’s homes and stores. I don’t destroy property. I’m law abiding, except for smoking a bit of weed from time to time. I’m good to my family and friends. Why do people treat me and my friends like we’re ignorant thugs? It’s such bullshit.

“Another thing. I’m gay. I even have a boyfriend, kind of. But I don’t want to dress in women’s clothes. I don’t act like a girl. I’m not a pussy. I skate tough, just like my straight friends do. I bomb the sickest ramps in Des Moines without fear. Go ahead, call me a fag, but I’m NOT a fag. I’m just a gay dude who skates. I suck cock, love it. What’s wrong with that?

“Thanks for the blog. I check it once a week to see if you have posted anything from other gay skaters. Before I found your blog I didn’t know there was such a large gay skater community. I wish there was a better one in Des Moines, but this is the Midwest and you know. Well, you know.”

Thanks for writing, Kenny. I like your attitude.

My boyfriend’s at work and I’m home after my first 2.5-mile run I’ve taken since June 2011. If you follow this blog, you know I tore a meniscus in my right knee this summer, and I had surgery September first. My doctor said, “No more running,” but I’ve done my own research on the subject, and it seems I can run about twice a week if I ice the knee afterward. So, I’ll mix up running and bike riding from now on. My knee felt fine after today’s run. Pretty cool, huh?

I’ll spend this evening by myself, as my boyfriend’s working. It’s beautiful tonight, about 70 degrees F and sunny. I’m definitely doing sunset, down at the shore. I’ll drink a bit of wine and beer, maybe watch the rest of the Netflix movie I dozed off during, earlier this week. (The movie wasn’t boring; I was just tired.)

Enjoy your Thursday night, everyone, wherever you might be.

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