Slender boy in afternoon sunlight; Martin’s off to the concert …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like tonight’s photo post? You all know I’m a fan of slender guys, and I love photos where the photographer uses natural lighting in unique ways. Look at the expression on the young man’s face; he doesn’t look happy, does he?  I wonder why?

In about half an hour my  friend will pick me up and we’ll drive into the city to see Reverend Horton Heat and whoever their warm-up band will be. I’ve never seen these guys. I listened to one song online this afternoon. It sounds like speed-metal music with a Texas twang. I’m not sure I’ll go crazy over them, but it’s always fun getting out in a crowd and jumping around. The beer’s cheap at this place, too. And there should be plenty of USF students from the nearby dormitories. (“What’s your major, Zach? Want to visit my place?”)

My boyfriend’s off to work in a few minutes. I wish he were going to the concert with me, but work comes first, right? I’ll do some drinking and hopping around for him, and hopefully I won’t wind up in jail again. I don’t think I could stand another trip to the slammer. The mattresses are so … lumpy.

Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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