Another hot guy who’s all wet; street party time on the island tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

Earlier this week, I posted a photo of a young man getting splashed with a bucket of water. The photo was a big hit with followers of this blog, and why not? A hot guy looks even sexier when he’s soaking wet, just like the young man in tonight’s photo post. I know, it’s a black and white, which some people don’t like. But I do.

Just look at the guy. It should be a crime to have a such a perfect body, shouldn’t it? Aye-yi-yi.

I received several comments about the “Marat” photo spread I mentioned in my last post. I provided the link. Most people liked the photos, but a few said they were too “raunchy.” Oh, well. Everyone has differing tastes when it comes to erotic photography, right? I wonder where Marat is today, and what’s he’s doing with himself?I’m guessing he works as a restaurant server at a Black Sea resort.

I’m cooking dinner for a relative tonight. Then I’m off to the community street fair. It’s only a few blocks from my house. I drove past a little while ago and the event was already bustling. They even have pony rides for the kids. Vendors are selling food and drink, and a pretty good band will play on a makeshift stage later this evening. The weather’s perfect — dry, cool and breezy. Count me in!

Okay now: go outside and enjoy this nice fall weather. Drink a glass of wine, and count your blessings. You have many in your life, you know. Have a great Saturday night, friends.

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