Cute skater jumping for joy; it’s Martin’s birthday today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes a guy has to get outdoors and jump around; it’s liberating. I don’t live in farm country. We don’t have corn or wheat fields where a guy can cut loose. But we have the beach, and that works just fine.

Today’s my birthday, I won’t tell you how old I am. Trust me, I’m ancient, but I feel great. I’m one of those lucky people who gets up each morning and does exactly what I feel like doing. How cool is that? I don’t have any wisdom to share on the subject of birthdays. But I do think a guy should do whatever he pleases on his special day.

Me? I’m spending the day with my beautiful boyfriend. We’ll take a walk on the beach (It’s gorgeous outside.) and maybe toss a baseball back and forth in the alley. ┬áThis evening we’re having friends over for drinks and snacks. And somewhere in between we’ll watch the Packer game, if they’re on our cable TV.

Thanks to all of you who’ve visited this blog this weekend; it’s been busy. Thanks to those of you who’ve purchased my books and sent me nice comments about my writing. I like to think my stories improve as each year passes. Thanks to my publishers and editors, who have believed in my writing and helped me so much in recent years. And thanks to my beautiful boyfriend for being here each day. He’s the best.

Okay, everyone: its a beautiful fall Sunday. Get out there and enjoy it with your friends and/or family.

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