Cute guy in a lime green shirt; another nice night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes you’re out in public, at a ball game or an open-air market or even in a restaurant, and you’ll see a young man who sort of makes your heart melt. Do you know what I mean? The guy at left is that type for me. He looks both innocent and sensual in his lime green t-shirt. I wonder where he lives and what his name is? I wonder who took the photo?

It’s been a nice day. I did some solid edits on my novel, Dodging a Pearl, this morning. This afternoon, my boyfriend and I visited the YMCA for our usual workout routine. The place was somewhat deserted; I don’t know why. We both got our own lap lanes in the pool, which is always nice. And there’s a sexy new lifeguard working on Mondays and Wednesdays. It’s always nice to have a little eye-candy to look at when you’re swimming laps.

We’re spending a quiet evening at home this evening. It’s beautiful outside — sunny, dry and cool. We just finished playing catch with our gloves and baseball in the alley. Later, we’ll watch sunset and I’ll cook a simple meal. Then we’ll watch Monday Night Football. After last night’s party I’m ready to “lay low” for a change. A guy my age can’t blow it out every night, you know.

Thanks to all of you who sent birthday greetings yesterday and today. It’s nice to feel loved, friends. Have a nice Monday night.

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