Cute surfer with ripped abs; one more Thursday post …

Hi, friends and readers (again):

Having spent two days surfing, the sport is still fresh on my mind, as they say. I am not a great surfer or even a good surfer; I don’t live on the East Coast, where waves in Florida are. So, I can’t devote the time to surfing necessary to learn the sport well. But I still enjoy my trips to Brevard County and the time I spend on the water, each time I go.

Surfing is a special sport. It gets you in touch with nature. It tests your dedication. Cold water? Cold wind? Long drives to find waves? Hauling around boards and gear and paying for motel rooms? Hey, it’s the price you pay for experiencing several good rides in a session, and maybe watching sunrise or sunset from your board, 150 yards from shore. Sometimes you’ll see dolphins or manta rays. Okay, sometimes you’ll see a shark, but most times “the men in the gray suits” are not interested in dealing with humans. They only cruise by.)

I won’t say my boyfriend and I had our best session this visit to Cocoa Beach, but it was good enough to justify the time and expense. We’re both happy, even though we’re both a little beat up from getting worked by waves, and sore from all the paddling we did. It was worth it.

A little while ago, we visited our beach near our home, here on the Gulf Coast. It was sweet down there — sunny and dry. The water was cool, but crystal clear. And we saw a dolphin cruising about, chasing a pod of fish for his evening meal. What a nice sight to come home to.

Would I ever move to the East Coast, to maximize my surfing time? No, I don’t think so. My friends and loved ones are here. It’s peaceful on my little island. I’ll probably never leave. But I’ll return to Brevard County soon, for another session. You can count on that.

Again, have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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