A guy with amazing buns; beautiful fall night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

What can I say about tonight’s photo post? I’ve always been a “butt man”; I make no apologies about it. What’s more beautiful than a young man’s rear end? When I came across tonight’s photo post, I thought, “H-m-m-m … I’ll bet my readers would like that one ’cause I sure do.”

Okay, it’s Halloween Night 2011. We have candy and my boyfriend has carved a jack-o-lantern, but I doubt we’ll have any trick-or-treaters. There are few children living on this island, and the ones who do usually go to a neighborhood more conducive to collecting candy, but we’re ready if anyone comes. If no one does, then we’ll eat the Snickers bars.

It’s a beautiful night, here on the island. The temperature’s around 72 degrees, it’s breezy and the sun is shining. Sunset should be nice, so we’ll be heading down in a few minutes to watch it with the neighbors.

A reader wrote me to ask for contact information on a gay wrestler whose comment I posted on the blog not long ago. I had to decline his request, and I want to again make my policy clear ….

When a young gay man sends me a comment via this blog, I think he’s assuming I won’t go public with his identity or his contact information. Most of these guys are athletes who are closeted. Many live in conservative communities where their homosexuality would not be accepted. They write me because they know I’ll respect their privacy, and I always do. I’m sure people have the best of intentions when they ask for contact information on these young men, but I can’t give that sort of information out, ever.

Okay, everyone: have a fun Halloween, wherever you may be.

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