Beautiful boy in red briefs; Martin has the Christmas spirit …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s nearing the end of “hot guys in skimpy briefs” week at Martin’s blog, but I still have a few more photos to share with you. Does everyone like this morning’s post? He sure fills out those briefs nicely.

I’m up a bit late today, after suffering from a bout with The Midnight Disease. Hey, it wasn’t all bad. I repaired damage to my blog posts back into September 2011. As I’ve mentioned before, a glitch has occurred in the WordPress program. Certain photos I’ve posted in the past are now appearing grossly over-sized, instead of the size I cropped them to using WordPress. From now on, I guess I will have to re-size photos using the Microsoft program, before posting them. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m irritated so many of my posts from the past won’t look as nice as I intended. Oh, well …

Yesterday afternoon afternoon and evening turned out to be a lot of fun. After my three-mile run, my boyfriend and I went to Walgreen’s to create our 2011 Christmas card; it came out great. We bought champagne, then came home and brought our Christmas decorations down form the attic. We put up Christmas lights and our illuminated snow man outside.

Last night, a friend came over for dinner. We put up our beautiful Fraser fir tree — it’s eight feet tall — and decorated with store-bought and homemade decorations. It looks great, and the house smells like evergreen now. We decorated the fireplace mantle with fir branches, pine cones and poinsettias. We’re ready for Santa now.

This morning, it’s sunny outside, but kind of chilly, with a steady breeze blowing from the north. The same breeze blew yesterday during my run, making the first half rather … arduous, since I ran due north. Okay, it wasn’t that bad. I just like to whine.

Have a nice Friday, everyone. The weekend is here; get out and have some holiday fun.

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